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My Approach

My Clinical Psychology background and experience offer a broad range of highly specialist knowledge and expertise in understanding individuals, families and systems. In gathering information about an individual's past and background, his or her behavioural and thinking patterns, and current circumstances, a psychological formulation is arrived at, to make sense of and address the individual's concerns. I might recommend helpful aids such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to bring about initial positive change and well-being.

Jungian Analysis is based on the premise that we all yearn to be true to ourselves. The therapy also involves talking about the past and present, and thinking about elements that shape our current beliefs and patterns of behaviour. It offers a more in-depth approach that draws from unconscious communication, images and dreams and within which the exploration of meaning and experience can be done within a safely-held therapeutic setting. The therapy usually involves more frequent sessions than once a week. It is a commitment and an investment of time, emotional and financial resources towards one's personal growth.

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